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Co-Production International (CPI) is a shelter and administrative services provider

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Co-Production International (CPI) is a shelter and administrative services provider for manufacturers in Mexico. CPI has offices in San Diego, California and Tijuana, Baja California, and manages the recruitment and hiring of skilled personnel on behalf of our manufacturing clients.

If you are looking for a positive workplace, better than average salaries, all benefits afforded by Mexican labor law, and additional optional benefits, then we want you! Our manufacturers seek skilled professionals looking for a solid career with the opportunity for professional growth ranging from welders and engineers to supply chain managers and buyers.

CPI Shelter Services

Co-Production International's Mexico Manufacturing Shelter Program is ideal for manufacturers who wish to enter Mexico without any legal or financial exposure. A team of experts manages and administrates your manufacturing operation under a Mexican corporation. Thanks to the Shelter Program, it is now advantageous for companies to start producing with relatively low start-up costs in shorter amounts of time.

Independent Corporation

Our Independent Corporation Program is designed for manufacturers who prefer to establish their own Mexican corporation and still benefit from Co-Production International's management and administrative expertise. This program allows for a gradual approach to managing your Mexico manufacturing plant. Co-Production International supports your company throughout the entire process.

Administrative Services

As experts in establishing and managing manufacturing facilities in Mexico, Co-Production International (CPI) can virtually guarantee the successful establishment and ongoing administrative functions of your facility allowing you to focus 100% on manufacturing. CPI's services are designed to ensure your facility is operating at peak performance with minimal costs and full compliance with Mexican laws and regulations.

Contract Manufacturing

Our CPI Shelter Company Program is the most cost-effective way to expand manufacturing operations to Mexico.

Site Selection
Industrial Real Estate

CPI has robust and long-standing strategic partnerships in the region, including industrial real estate firms, industrial parks and developers.

Co-Production International Mexico Manufacturing Service Provider

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